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Fed and Fearless

You were created for more than obsession and frustration about food and fitness. I'm here to help you live a Fed and Fearless™ life!

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Pillars of Fearless Health

Fearless Eating

She eats the right amount of nourishing foods that help her body function best

Fearless Training

She trains in a way that keeps her body strong and healthy without overtraining

Fearless Self Care

She has an effective routine for sleep and stress management practices

Fearless Self Love

She feels positively about herself and recognizes her inherent self worth

Fearless Pursuit of Purpose

She looks beyond self-improvement goals to make a bigger impact

Fed and Fearless

She is confidently pursuing God's plan for her life with faith, joy, and love

My Mission

I help high-achieving, spiritually-driven women fearlessly discover their best diet and lifestyle to reach their health goals, so they can pursue their bigger purpose and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Your Path

To Becoming Fed and Fearlessā„¢

Deeply tune into your body and eat, move, and live with intuition and joy.

Nourish your mind, body, and spirit for greater energy and vibrant health.

Focus on pursuing your greater purpose and living the life of your dreams.

"I had read dozens of self-help books, tried different diets, read hundreds of articles about nutrition, but Laura was the final piece to the puzzle. I no longer stress about going to dinner with friends and actually enjoy my food rather than fearing it. That feeling of freedom has been the greatest gift and I'm so grateful to have Laura as a mentor."

Mary M.

"Laura helped me have a better relationship with food and with myself. Not only is she knowledgeable as a dietitian but she is able to address my health issues in a more holistic approach. I am starting to feel better and Iā€™m actually having regular menstrual cycles! I am so grateful I found her!"

Grace P.

"I've worked with many other RDs and naturopaths, all were helpful, but Laura is at the very top of the pack; she's the only one who has truly been able to help me find the root cause of my hormone issues and solve for them in a compassionate, holistic, and ultimately sustainable way."

Nicole I.

"I initially started working with Laura to determine why I was experiencing physical fatigue and ended up walking away with a different perspective on who I see myself as physically. Laura was truly an answer to prayer and I would highly recommend her."

Amy J.

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